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Prices quoted below are for camera-ready copy. Advertisers will be responsible for any additional production costs incurred. Ads  can be purchased by direct debit or credit card through PayPal on this page, or by mail at the address below.

All orders must be in writing and should be sent with artwork no later than July 15, 2018, to:

Ms. Allison Tolman
Impressions Advertising Manager
445 Fifth Avenue, #31C
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (917) 414-1366
E mail: allisontolman@verizon.net

Advertising Rates

ColorPrice Buy Through PayPal

Full Page, 9½" x 7"

Double Page (spread), 11" x 17" $1,750

Specs for Submission of Ads for Impressions:

1. We will accept native or .pdf files produced in the following formats: InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator.  However, please note:  No changes or corrections can be made to .pdf files. 

2. If sending a .pdf file, please make sure it is hi-res for printing: PDF/X-1a:2001. If it is a full-page ad, it must have a  ⅛” (3mm) bleed. Under “Marks and Bleeds” in the menu for exporting the PDF, you can choose “All printers’ marks,” but please re-set the “offset” from 0.0833" (2 mm) to 0.1875" (approx. 4.76 mm).

3. For all images, graphics, photos and logos used in ads:

  • All items in black-and-white must be converted to grayscale. 
  • All color elements must be CMYK.
  • Illustrator graphics need to be saved in .eps format.
  • PhotoShop elements need to be saved in .tif format.
  • Scans must be at least 300 dpi (at the size they are to be reproduced, otherwise they will not reproduce at a high quality).
  • Bitmap images and logos need to be at 1200 dpi.

4. If transparencies or prints are supplied, an additional $75 will be billed for each scan.

5. Ads can be submitted on a CD or DVD, or via WeTransfer or Hightail, or, if the file is smaller than 10MB, by email.

6. Files created in Word or Powerpoint will not be accepted.