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Essays in honor of Henry DeWitt Smith II
In This Issue

Gregory M. Pflugfelder and Jordan Sand, Guest Editors

The Suda Hachiman Shrine Mirror and Its Inscription
David Barnett Lurie

A Chinese Green Jar in Japan: Source of a New Color Aesthetic in the Momoyama Period
Louise Allison Cort

Screens for a Young Warrior
Matthew Philip McKelway

The New Year's Gift and a Painting of Jupiter
Timon Screech

The Longevity of a Dirty Little Dictionary
Miriam Wattles

A Raku Wastewater Container and the Problem of Monolithic Sincerity
Morgan Pitelka

Photography, Handwriting and Memory in the Obituary of Natsume Sōseki
Satow Morihiro

Watanabe Yoshio's Photograph of the Okada House
Ken Tadashi Oshima

Two Votive Plaques for a Rescue at Sea
Sarah Thal

A Midwife's Bag
Julie Rousseau

The Kodera Family Folding Table
Jordan Sand

Hakkō Ichiu™: Projecting "Greater East Asia"
R. W. Purdy

Domon Ken's Murōji
Alice Y. Tseng

"There Was No East or West/When Their Lips Met": A Movie Poster for Japanese War Bride as Transnational Artifact
Kim Brandt

The Tiger, a Toy Gun
Gregory M. Pflugfelder

Yours Forever More?: A Narrow Ikat Sash from Yaeyama
Amanda Mayer Stinchecum

Imagine Again and Again: Copies of the Portrait of Minamoto no Yoritomo by Yamaguchi Akira
Miwako Tezuka

The N501i: Mobile Phone as Portable New World
Giles Richter

Henry D. Smith II

Exhibition Review

Horses of the Heart
Melinda Takeuchi

Letter to the Editor



Exhibition Labels: Designed for Pleasure: The World of Edo Japan in Prints and Paintings, 1680-1860