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JASA members are sent a  newsletter summarizing Society events, spotlighting member news and providing information on relevant exhibitions and events in the United States and abroad.

The newsletter is for “Members Only,” but our 2013 summer newsletter highlighted so many of JASA’s outstanding lectures and activities that we wanted to share it with everyone who is interested in Japanese art. Click here to download a PDF of that issue.

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JASA Newsletter Winter–Spring 2017

Front cover art:
“Incense Burner in the Shape of a Rooster,” Hizen ware, Kakiemon style, Edo Period, late 17th century, circa 1660-1690. Porcelain with overglaze enamels, H 26.0 x L 23.3 x 13.2 cm. Photo courtesy of Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts

Back cover art: Woodblock print mounted on a scroll. Title: “Ragora.” Artist: Shiko Munakata, from the series The Ten Great Disciples of Sakyamuni, ca. 1960s. Photo courtesy of Michael Verne.

JASA Newsletter Winter-Spring 2016-17 back cover