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This Issue

The Double Identity of Chūshingura: Theater and History in Nineteenth-Century Prints
Chelsea Foxwell

Yorozu Tetsugorō and Taishō Prints: When the Japanese Print Became Avant-Garde
Alicia Volk

Memories of Munakata
Marvin Lichtner

The Zenning of Munakata Shikō
Allen Hockley

Munakata and Matsubara: An Artist's Memoir
Naoko Matsubara

A Short History of the Ukiyo-e Society of Japan
Kubota Kazuhiro

Richard Lane (1926–2002), Scholar and Collector
Julia Meech

A Note on Harunobu’s Lovers Sharing an Umbrella
Roger Keyes

Review Article

Harunobu in Chiba
David B. Waterhouse


Anne Nishimura Morse, J. Thomas Rimer and Kendall H. Brown, Art of the Japanese Postcard: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Brian D. Moeran

Elizabeth de Sabato Swinton, Terrific Tokyo: A Panorama in Prints from the 1860s to the 1930s; and Marianne Lamonaca, James T. Ulak and Frederic A. Sharf, Tokyo, The Imperial Capital: Prints by Koizumi Kishio, 1928–1940
Donald Jenkins

Letter to the Editor

Orrel P. Reed, Jr.

Glossary of Print Terms