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In This Issue

Memorial Portraits of Kabuki Actors: Fanfare in the Floating World
Christine M. E. Guth

The Fragrance of Female Immortals: Celebrity Endorsement from the Afterlife
Ellis Tinios

Unpeeling the Orange: Reinterpreting a Surimono by Hokusai
Roger S. Keyes

A Country Genji: Kunisada's Single-Sheet Genji Series
Andreas Marks

Lilian Miller: An American Artist in Japan
Kendall H. Brown

The Ukiyo-e Society of America: Approaching Thirty-Five
Julia Meech and Ann Yonemura

William Paden (1930-2004): Printmaker and Teacher
Yoshiaki Shimizu


Amy Reigle Newland, ed., The Commercial and Cultural Climate of Japanese Printmaking
David Pollack

Gian Carlo Calza, with essays by Roger S. Keyes, Matthi Forrer, John M. Rosenfield, Richard Lane, Asano Shūgō, Tsuji Nobuo and Kobayashi Tadashi, Hokusai
Donald Jenkins

Arendie and Henk Herwig, Heroes of the Kabuki Stage
Laurence R. Kominz

Letters to the Editor

Rand Castile

Stephen Addiss

Glossary of Print Terms